Apprenticeship concept

Setting challenges and providing support – together on the way to success.

Apprentices at HÜBNER shouldn't just learn a new profession, they should also gain a range of key skills that will help them in their everyday working and private lives. To make this happen, all of our apprentices take part in a special five-element training program that is unique to the company. It plays a decisive role in helping our apprentices complete their apprenticeships successfully to send them on the way into their careers equipped with everything they need.


Introductory Workshop

To acquaint our new apprentices with the rules and special features of our company, the apprenticeship begins with a four-day Introductory Workshop. Here, the apprentices get to know each other and also get their first impression of the company, its structures and operations.

During the workshop the apprentices also meet their apprentice sponsors. These are more advanced apprentices who accompany the new apprentices through their first work day and who are also available after the first week to provide help and advice. And, of course, our apprentices can also turn to their trainers at any time for help.


Training Week

At the end of their first apprenticeship year, all apprentices take part in a Training Week. This gives them a chance to show what they've learned during their first year. They must carry out a project independently under real conditions – from project planning to final delivery– in only a week.

They need all the organizational, technical and artistic know-how ithat they have learned in this endeavor. Each year the apprentices produce objects which are presented to the company management and all of the employees at the end of the week. Examples from previous years include a globe on which all of the locations of HÜBNER are shown, or hand-made chess sets that were donated to retirement homes in Kassel. And another noteworthy product: Personalized mobile phone holders for all our HÜBNER employees – that's more than 2,000 worldwide!  


Independent project work

In the course of doing their personal project work, our apprentices also practice project management. In doing so they manage important events – helping, for example, with the selection event for new apprentices, organizing the Girls' and Boys' Day event, and presenting HÜBNER at various apprenticeship exhibitions.

The apprentices contribute their own ideas to this work, so the projects are different from year to year. What has this project work accomplished? One example is our self-built solar bus, which won the Solarcup in Kassel.


In-house instruction

In the first year:  Supplementary instruction in math, technical fields and CNC

To make things easier for apprentices in school, we support them during the first apprenticeship year with additional instruction in mathematics, technical fields and CNC (computerized numerical control - a means of programming electronically controlled tooling machines). 

Electricians and mechatronics technicians have their own program that gives them extra instruction in technical fields and technical mathematics as well as courses in electrical engineering.

In addition to the basic courses, our commercial apprentices also attend a special workshop in which they learn to understand technical drawings and to create them themselves.  This skill is not taught at school, but is very important in the professional activities of industrial business managers.


Always: Business English

Because HÜBNER is an international company, it is essential that all our employees can communicate effectively in English. That's why we offer all of our employees – including our apprentices – in-house English instruction. Apprentices who want to take advantage of this offering take a placement test and are assigned to a group that fits their language level. The training takes place on a weekly basis in small groups so that maximum learning success and lots of fun are guaranteed.


Health Concept

In addition to our in-house Health Concept for all employees, we also have a special offering for our apprentices.  In this offering, the main focus is on prevention – because we want to make sure that our youngest employees are also aware how they can keep themselves fit in their everyday working lives.

This involves having all our apprentices attend workshops where the subjects addiction prevention, ergonomics at the work place, and stress management are dealt with. And there is also an in-house opportunity for sport and exercise at our company. After work, HÜBNER employees can work out at our fitness studio or take part in one of our sports programs.