A family-owned company with a wide perspective

Our recipe for success: Lean structures and a family atmosphere.

The history of HÜBNER begins in the year 1946. In the austere post-war period, Kurt Hübner founded a trading company that later came to specialize in the production of all kinds of useful items made of rubber. It didn't take long for this business idea to prove successful. In the course of time, the small Kassel rubber workshop developed into the HÜBNER Group, which has been owned and managed by the Hübner family from its founding until the present day.

The family spirit from the company's founding period has remained intact despite the company's growth.  A trusting work climate continues to prevail, where personal appreciation of each individual plays an important role. Sustainability – in an economic, ecological and social sense – also is one of our core principles. We see ourselves as an important member of the society and want to honor that responsibility.

That this business principle also shapes everyday activities at HÜBNER can be seen, for example, in our company data, which shows that on average our employees stay with us for a very long time and that many of our apprentices decide to stay with the company following their training to develop their careers with us.



The advantages of a family-owned company

Solid finances

In comparison to non-family-owned companies, family-owned companies typically carry less debt. Their average equity ratio is approximately 50 percent; non-family owned companies often have an equity ratio of 35 percent.

Job and location security

In Germany in the period from 2006 to 2010, family-owned companies have increased the number of their employees by 9 percent – from 3.3 to 3.6 million. In the same time period, DAX companies have decreased the number of jobs that they offer by 7 percent.

Nearly 71 percent of employed persons in Germany work for a family-owned company, while only 38 percent work for a DAX-27 company.

Strong growth

Family-owned companies have a stronger rate of employment growth. The number of employees is growing at an average rate of 27 percent, in comparison to 6 percent at non-family-owned companies.

(SOURCE: Stiftung Familienunternehmen, http://www.familienunternehmen.de)