Airport technology

Systems and solutions for perfect docking with all aircraft types.

Whether it’s a flight for holidays or for business, when you board your plane at numerous airports around the world, you will be walking through a folding canopy manufactured by HÜBNER.

Our folding canopies fit perfectly with a wide variety of aircraft body contours and offer passengers optimal weather protection. The patented pivot mechanism allows precise docking of the passenger boarding bridge on the aircraft fuselage, and adjustable bumpers guarantee a perfect seal between the folding canopy and the body of the plane.

Thanks to our unique modular system, we can make our folding canopies meet the individual requirements of our customers fully and exactly. There are also numerous design options. For example, we offer translucent or colored canopy models. All of the materials we use – regardless which model is selected – are heat, cold and UV-resistant and meet all international fire safety standards.

Airport technology brochure

Our products and system solutions for airport technology.

Airport technology brochure