Application procedures for secondary school students

Your way to us – tips and tricks for a successful application.

We're very pleased that you're looking at this page – because that means that you're thinking about  applying at our company. Take that step, and get in touch with us! It could be the beginning of your career with HÜBNER.


Applying for an internship

If you would like to apply for an internship at our company, you will need to use the HÜBNER Online Application Portal. Please fill in all fields marked with an asterisk (*). Please be sure to indicate in your cover letter why, how, and when you would like to participate in an internship program. Perhaps you have already done other internships or gained relevant experience in connection with your hobbies? Then you should tell us about this for sure. The more personally you can describe your motivation for applying, the better the picture we get of you – and the better your chance that you will be invited for an interview.


Your application for an apprenticeship

The first step for applying for an apprenticeship spot also takes you to the HÜBNER Online Application Portal. Please fill in all fields marked with an asterisk (*). And please upload important documents such as your curriculum vitae, your internship references or your school report cards in PDF format. If you are interested in several different professions, you can simply indicate that. It is not necessary to apply for each position separately. 

Please note that the application deadline for an apprenticeship is September 30 for an apprenticeship that will begin in the following year.

After you have sent your complete application materials, you will receive a confirmation of receipt from us. Then the ball is in our court. We will carefully review your application. If we are interested, an email will be sent to you by October/November, which will include a personal access code that lets you take an an online test.

If your test results are good, you and your parents will be invited to our selection event. There you will have the opportunity to show us in an interview and also with some practical tasks that you would fit well in the company. When you confirm the good first impression that we've been able to get from you there, and you would like to do your apprenticeship at our company, then you can proceed with an apprenticeship at HÜBNER.



Tips for your application

Of course, having good grades and great results in the online test are good for your application. But these are not the only factors that we pay attention to. A friendly personality and a positive attitude towards learning is also important to us, and it can also convince us that you would be right for HÜBNER. Here you will find some tips that can help you with your application. We'll be pleased to hear from you!


Application documents

The most important thing is that you have all the necessary documents together so that you can properly submit your online application. You should prepare the following documents for your application:

  • A cover letter
  • A curriculum vitae
  • The last two school report cards in PDF format
  • Internship certificates or other qualification certifications (if available)


Placement test

If we send you an access code to take our online test, you have succeeded with the first step of the application process. The test can be taken from home at any time, and it emphasizes different topics, depending on whether you are interested in a commercial or a technical/vocational profession.


Selection event at HÜBNER

Our selection event lets you get to know the company better, and it lets us get to know you better. There will be a personal interview and you will have the chance to show us your capabilities in connection with a practical task.

It is completely normal if you feel a little nervous before this event, but there is no need to worry and you should simply present yourself the way you really are. After all, you already have managed the first two steps successfully!

We cordially invite your parents to attend our selection event as well, so that they can get an impression of HÜBNER. And we will be happy to hear any and all questions from you and your parents – because we're pleased when you are interested in our company.



Online Application Portal

Apply here for an apprenticeship or internship.

Online Application Portal