Articulation systems for trams

Light-weight upper and lower articulation systems for trams.

We have extended our portfolio with soft-rolling articulation systems to meet new technical requirements. These articulations can be equipped with preloaded springs when required. We also have upper articulations featuring pivoting articulation with a wishbone connection and a pitching articulation with Panhard rod. Each articulation can be ordered individually or as part of a complete gangway system.


Articulation systems at a glance

Lower articulation: Greater adaptability with the FX 1000

The HÜBNER articulation system FX 1000 makes it possible to transmit up to 1,000 kN  tractive or compressive force with an effective articulation weight of approximately 40 kg. Additional adapter designs allow us to tailor the system exactly to our customer's installation requirements.


Lower articulation FX 1000:

  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Tractive and compressive force: 1,000 kN.
  • Adapter designs available for specific customer requirements

Upper articulation: Extensive product portfolio with pivoting, pitching and rolling degree of freedom

The low weight and possibility of handling higher loads make our soft-rolling articulation systems especially attractive. The patented design featuring sheet metal elements weighs less than previous models. And it is simple to customize to fit special customer requirements. For example, it can easily be delivered with preloaded springs or with damping elements.


Upper articulation with pivoting, pitching and rolling freedom:

  • Patented design using sheet metal elements
  • Lower weight and higher load handling
  • Integrated preloaded springs or damping elements