Articulation systems for articulated buses

Exceedingly sturdy articulation systems for all bus types.

Our articulation systems for buses meet all requirements in this area. They can be installed in low-floor or in high-floor buses, have an extremely low weight and are exceedingly sturdy nonetheless. To achieve these impressive characteristics, we only make use of high-quality materials from audited suppliers.

Our articulation systems are modularly constructed– that means we can very quickly develop individual solutions for specific customer needs. Our articulation system designs are based on FEM (finite element method) calculations.  Data from tests carried out under extreme conditions from around the world support these calculations.  Subsequently, the articulation systems are subjected to durability testing in renowned testing laboratories and universities. On this basis, we can guarantee that our articulation systems for articulated buses fulfill the highest requirements.


An overview of our articulation systems for articulated buses


HNGK 19.5 eco and HD – the universal bus articulation

The universal articulation HNGK 19.5 eco and HD from HÜBNER are among the most frequently used articulation systems worldwide.  Their simple and clearly defined connection surfaces make them highly popular. With this construction the articulation can be mounted very quickly on the front or rear vehicle segments.

The main components of the system such as the bearing, the system control and the damping elements are all easily accessible via the maintenance hatch. In the event of damage, single dampers can also be replaced individually.

Usually the universal system is delivered with an electronic control unit. This unit detects the driving situation and when necessary can intervene in critical situations. In addition, it conducts a system diagnosis for early detection of any defects. This makes it possible to minimize downtime and to keep passenger safety at a high level.

With its low weight the HNGK 19.5 eco helps to reduce bus fuel consumption. The HNGK 19.5 HD is ideal for heavy duty applications as it can stand up to exceedingly high loads and forces.


HNG 19.5 eco and HD:

  • Axle load: 25 kN (eco) / 35 kN (HD)
  • System weight: 590 kg (eco) / 650 kg (HD)
  • Suitable for low-floor and high-floor buses
  • Clearly defined connection surfaces
  • High damping moment
  • Elastic torsional connection
  • Integrated power supply
  • Available in standard or deluxe versions

HNG 15.3 – the heavy duty articulation system

The heavy-duty HNG 15.3 provides the same functionality as the universal articulation systems HGNK 19.5 eco and HD, but has been specially developed for vehicles with higher axle loads.  With this articulation system axle loads of up to 4.5 tons can easily be accommodated (as sometimes occurs with gas, trolley or hybrid buses, for example). This system is used particularly often in North America.


HNG 15.3:

  • Axle load: up to 4.5 tons
  • System weight: 590 kg (without rear vehicle connection)
  • Suitable for low-floor and high-floor buses
  • Clearly defined connection surfaces
  • High damping moment
  • Elastic torsional connection

HNG 17.0 – the ball articulation system for puller vehicles

The ball articulation system HNG 17.0 was specially developed for puller vehicles. It is simply constructed, economical and resilient. With the special articulation bearing all movements can be realized at single bearing point – without using hydraulic or mechanical damping. The ball articulation system HNG 17.0 is an ideal solution for developing markets where particularly robust articulation systems are needed. It is delivered in ready to install components.


HNG 17.0:

  • For puller vehicles
  • System weight: 225 kg
  • Suitable for low-floor and high-floor buses
  • Clearly defined connection surfaces
  • Economical

HNG 24.2 – the compact articulation system

This new compact articulation combines the proven advantages
of the lateral axis position featured in the 19.5 articulation family
and its passenger-friendly platform concept with the hydraulic
technology of the preceding SKD 420 model that has provided
great performance over many years.
The HNG 24.2 is distinguished by its compact design, its simple assembly and its insensitivity to dirt and soiling. This makes it especially attractive for markets that need to have uncomplicated, highly functional solutions. The integrated articulation damping element requires no maintenance and is very resistant to breakdown. The articulation system is designed so that all of the important moving parts are located in an oil bath making it possible for them to run with virtually no wear. The interfaces are comparable with those of universal articulations enabling an easy integration in existing chassis concepts.


HNG 24.2:

  • System weight: 670 kg
  • Suitable for low-floor and high-floor buses
  • Closed integrated hydraulic damping system
  • Linear dynamic phased damping
  • Elastic torsional connection
  • Passenger-friendly platform concept
  • Standardized interfaces