Folding bellows for connecting buildings

Very tall buildings cannot be connected with one another at high levels with a rigid bridge structure because the towers are moving slightly at such heights. These movements occur in response to forces coming from wind, thermal expansion or seismic tremors.  For this reason, folding bellows serve perfectly for making such connections. They are mounted between the building and the bridge structure and intercept such movements with their flexible configuration.

Guests at the Makkah Clock Royal Tower Hotel in Saudi Arabia, for example, pass through folding bellows from HÜBNER when they use the connecting bridges between the towers of the hotel.  HÜBNER folding bellows are also used to connect the two towers of the Belly Sky Hotel in Copenhagen.


Folding bellows as a design element

And it is also possible to simply integrate folding bellows as a versatile design element in an architectural structure. Folding bellows of this type can be found, for example, in the building of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Bremen, Germany.