Bridge systems for rail vehicles

Linking bridges, combi-bridges, bridge plates and tread bridges.


We offer different types of bridge systems that make it possible for passengers to move comfortably from one rail car to the next. These include linking bridges, combi-bridges, bridge plates and tread plates.

Our linking bridge systems are handicap accessible (TSI PRM) and can be customized for different rail vehicles. For example, the floor covering of the bridge system can readily be made to fit with the overall design of the train. We are happy to make technical adjustments on a project-specific basis so that safe and easy passage between train cars is guaranteed even with extreme movements of the carriages.


Linking bridges, combi-bridges, bridge plates and tread plates at a glance:


Linking bridges

  • Gap-free compensation even for extreme movements
  • Also suitable for tilting trains


  • Compact construction with a simplified interface
  • Enhanced gap-free and step-free movement compensation
  • Self-supporting

Bridge plates

  • Simple and sturdy
  • Long service life due to special coating and low-wear sliding materials

Tread plates

  • For use in articulated multi-unit trains
  • Optional flexible model made of composites