Closed dispenser systems: Hygienic, practical, well thought out

Closed dispenser systems that fulfill all the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute.

We develop and produce dispenser systems to meet individual customer requirements in all areas where design and/or hygiene is especially important. Our dispenser systems are closed and unvented.  The core element of the system is our patented evacuating bellows pump that is made entirely of plastic. This pump is capable of evacuating a wide range of containers – even hard plastic bottles – while still maintaining a vacuum until the container is completely empty.  This prevents air and contaminants from entering into the system and protects the contents from microbial contamination and quality deterioration.

The design options in these dispenser systems are very extensive. Shape and color can be selected by the customer as can the activation system (for example via the cover, a push button, a lever or with a no-touch system).


Our closed dispenser systems:

  • Meet the hand hygiene guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute
  • Are easy to clean with their smooth surfaces and contours
  • Are equipped with a hygiene monitoring system
  • Can be operated via a push button, lever, system cover or with a motion sensor for touchless use
  • Allow for the use of fluid, foam or spray pumps in one system without replacing or adapting the dispenser
  • Have a level indicator
  • Can be replaced at any time – even with existing systems – thanks to the customer-specific adapter rear panel
  • Enable easy exchange of containers even in tight spots due to the clever opening system