Exterior paneling

Exterior paneling for buses and rail vehicles made of shock-absorbent polyurethane.

We produce components made of polyurethane (PUR) for the exterior paneling of buses and rail vehicles. Using this material allows us to satisfy many important customer requirements, such as low wall thickness with larger parts, outstanding mechanical sturdiness and high heat resistance.  In addition, it provides excellent thermal and noise insulation. Depending on the desired components and other customer wishes, we process PUR in the following forms:

  •     PUR flexible foam
  •     PUR integral foam - flexible to semi-rigid
  •     PUR integral foam - hard
  •     PUR compact thermoset
  •     PUR RIM systems


Shock-absorbing front bumpers for more safety

For tram vehicles we produce special front bumpers, vehicle paneling parts and headlights. They are made of shock-absorbing polyurethane foam. This material helps to absorb the impact force in the event of a collision.  Using this material, the HIC value (Head Injury Criterion) is brought substantially below the threshold value of 850.

The HIC value indicates the impact force that a person is subjected to in the event of a collision. Values up to 850 typically result in minimal or no injuries at all to the persons involved, while values over 1,300 typically result in serious injuries. Our front bumpers, vehicle paneling parts and headlights for tram vehicles have an impressive HIC value of 600. By contrast, traditional vehicle paneling parts typically have values substantially over 1,300.

This PUR foam technology also has another important safety benefit. The material does not splinter – in contrast to panel elements made of reinforced fiberglass material. Such parts can inflict serious injuries to pedestrians through small flying splinters that are discharged on impact. The PUR foam technology is far superior to the traditional vehicle paneling components in this respect.


Shock-absorbing vehicle paneling parts at a glance

  • Front bumpers, paneling elements and headlines made of shock absorbing polyurethane foam.
  • HIC value: 600
  • No splintering – more safety for pedestrians
  • Unlimited design options with structured, silk-matte or high-gloss finishes


Painting options for more individuality

In accordance with customer wishes and the specified design, we paint the parts at our own paint shop company Top Ten GmbH. The color options are virtually limitless. From structured and silk-matte finishes to high gloss, we can provide any type of finish.