Finger protection profiles for buses and railway vehicles

For more safety in public transport – available with or without an electrical safety edge.

Classic finger protection profiles for use in public transport

Our finger protection profiles are used as a sealing element on doors in buses and rail vehicles. Their special material and design substantially reduce the risk of injuries occurring from closing doors in public transport vehicles.

We produce our profiles using our proprietary rubber and silicone compounds and adjust the material recipes to exactly fit the requirements of each customer. We will be happy to consult with you on the ideal size and form of finger protection profiles on a project-specific basis. 


Finger protection profiles with an electrical safety edge for even more protection

We have developed special finger protection profiles that feature an electrical safety edge to provide even more protection. These profiles are made of high-quality HÜBNER rubber and an exceedingly precise safety sensor mechanism. This prevents doors from closing when an object or a passenger is caught in the closing door.

The system is simple and highly reliable. An electronic control element detects whether a person or object is caught in the door via the rubber profile contact. The closing process is stopped by the door control system and the door opens again automatically .  If the object caught in the door is very thin – down to approx. 6 mm – or if the door has already closed, the Gap Detection System (GDS) detects the incident and generates a signal. Then the door opens automatically or the driver of the vehicle is informed.

Our finger protection profiles with an electrical safety edge are made of UV, heat and cold-resistant rubber or silicone. They can be manufactured in all conceivable shapes and configurations.

For further information on complete systems with integrated processing units, please consult the website of our sales company MH Intelligent Safety.


Benefits of our finger protection profiles with electrical safety edge at a glance:

  • Compact design– improved space utilization
  • Double protection through light barrier systems and fault sensors
  • Programmable electronic control (HEDCU) on customer request
  • Rubber sealing system made of special EPDM


MH Intelligent Safety

Further information about our finger protection profiles with elecrtical safety edge.

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