Folding canopies for passenger boarding bridges and wharf-ship connections

For optimal weather protection during boarding.

We produce folding canopies for air passenger boarding bridges and wharf-ship connections that provide passengers with optimal weather protection. Just like our famous folding bellows for the transport industry, the folding canopies are manufactured using our own coated fabrics.  They also meet the requirements of NFPA 415.

Our folding canopies can be equipped with four different drive systems: a manual drive, a 24v DC drive (for mobile aircraft boarding stairs), a 110v drive and a 230v drive. The canopy drive operates via a central motor that is designed to stand up to the extreme weather conditions encountered at harbors and airports. It is equipped with a freewheel safety mechanism and is protected against overheating. The use of the latest drive motors also allows a reduction of the opening and closing time of the folding canopy by approximately 45% – a clear benefit in optimizing passenger handling processes.


Drive variants for folding canopies at a glance:

  • Manual drive
  • 24v DC drive
  • 110v drive
  • 230v drive



Folding bellows, corrugated bellows and fairings – flexible connecting elements for all applications.

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