Front-end gangways for rail vehicles

Compact systems for connecting trains during periods of peak use.

Front-end gangways are used in multiple-unit trains that need to be extended with a second or third unit during peak times.

The principle is simple. One half of the gangway is attached to the front end of the vehicle. When two train units are coupled with each other, elastomer springs press the gangway halves together so that a safe and comfortable passageway between the units is provided. The folding bellows or corrugated bellows give reliable protection against the outside elements and the non-slip floor panels make for a safe crossover.

When the gangway is not in use, integrated folding doors prevent soiling of the gangway interior. The exceedingly compact design of the modular front-end gangway creates a passageway that has a comfortable width and also provides sufficient space for the driver's cab on either side.


Front-end gangways for rail vehicles at a glance

  • Compact, low-weight system
  • Elastomer springs press the sliding plates of the two gangway halves together
  • Folding bellows or corrugated bellows for optimal weather protection
  • Slip-resistant gangway bridge plate
  • Integrated folding doors


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