Products for car transport trains

Gangway systems and lifting roofs.


We manufacture our gangway systems for car transport trains using especially sturdy coated fabric.

Since 1994, HÜBNER corrugated bellows have been connecting the individual car transport vehicles of the shuttle trains operating  between France and Great Britain. The dimensions here are one of a kind. With a width of approximately 4 meters and a height of 5.3 meters, they are some of the largest gangways in the world. Despite their large size, the bellows have been standing up to the high air pressure conditions that occur when trains pass each other in the tunnel system – with no signs of wear.

Lifting roof for car transport trains

With our lifting roof for the gangway element, the gangway roof can be raised together with the roof of the main vehicle when loading cars on the vehicle. When loading is finished, the roof can be conveniently lowered to the regular height for travel.


Railway Brochure

An overview of our products and system solutions for railway vehicles.

Railway brochure