Gangway systems for high-speed trains

Aerodynamic, weather resistant and pressure proof.

Our gangway connection systems for high-speed trains are designed to ensure the highest level of passenger comfort, through their excellent pressure-tight characteristics. With their carefully considered design and exacting selection of parts and materials they also provide an exceptionally long service life.  They are low maintenance and make it possible for passengers to pass safely and comfortably from one car to the next.

For enhanced aerodynamics they can also be equipped with an aerodynamic fairing system.  This is a type of corrugated bellows that provides a flush connection to the vehicle body. The resulting reduction in air resistance allows energy savings of up to 10%.

We deliver complete gangway systems consisting of a bellows with coupling frame, a bridge system and – when desired – a fairing system.  All of these elements can be individually customized and delivered separately  as well.


Gangway systems for high-speed trains: Our references

Our gangways for high-speed trains are in use in the following vehicles, among others:

  • CRH 3
  • ETR 1000


  • Eurostar
  • ICE 1-4



  • ICN
  • Pendolino



  • Zefiro China
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