Gangway systems for trams and streetcars

Ideal for tight curves and superior sound insulation.

HÜBNER's gangway systems for trams and streetcars include all the elements that are required to connect two tram cars together. They are especially designed to function well in urban environments, handling tight curves and vandalism attempts with ease. And they offer effective protection for the vehicle interior against outside noise.

We provide our customers with gangway systems that are ready for installation and include:

  • Lower single and bi-articulation
  • Upper articulation with pivoting, pitching and rolling degree of freedom, and an option for integrated damping elements
  • Folding bellows and single or double-corrugated bellows
  • Articulated floor element with turning plate or floor plate including matching the floor covering with the rest of the vehicle
  • Power connection system for cables and fuel hoses
  • Optional integrated lighting and air-conditioning ducts

All these components can, of course, be ordered individually as well.  


Gangways for trams and streetcars – our references

Our gangways for trams are in use around the world and can be found, for example, in vehicles of the following tram families:

  • Avenio
  • Citadis
  • Combino



  • Flexity
  • Sirio



  • Tango
  • Tramino



  • Variobahn
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An overview of our products and system solutions for railway vehicles.

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