• Products and concepts for BUSES by HÜBNER
  • Comprehensive systems for RAILWAY VEHICLES by HÜBNER
  • Safe and comfortable boarding with AIRPORT TECHNOLOGY by HÜBNER
  • Sealing systems, profiles and molded parts RUBBER AND SILICONE by HÜBNER
  • Innovative training with LIFE QUALITY PRODUCTS By sensa® by HÜBNER Group
  • Hygienic, flexible, versatile MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY by HÜBNER
  • Ready to be of service around the world SERVICE by HÜBNER
  • Coherence Matters. PHOTONICS by HÜBNER


Young, dynamic, active worldwide, with great expertise in the mobility field looking for a partnership to take on challenging projects for the future.

Over 70 years of experience and an endless wish for innovation and progress are what keep me going every day. Together with you, I want to shape the future of mobility and work on solutions for multi-element vehicles. Are you also at the point where implementing these new technologies seems like exactly the right thing to do? Shall we get started on this together?

And in the areas of articulation systems, folding bellows, entry systems and window systems, you'll also find that I'm a strong partner ready for growth. For me, family, safety and good health are also important just like innovative approaches to new mobility technologies.

If you can imagine realizing exciting projects side by side with me today and tomorrow and beyond, then I'd love to meet you in October in Kortrijk.

You'll recognize me by the blue HÜBNER Logo in Hall 4, Booth 410.

Let's get started on a common future!