HÜBNER at the inter airport Europe


This year at inter airport Europe, HÜBNER will be presenting the newly enhanced PBB Interface 2.0 featuring a touchless sliding floor element, the newly developed Optical Auto Leveler with a continuous "c"-rated Performance Level, and a new modular passenger guidance system.   

That HÜBNER products always make for perfect connections can be seen in all of the products that will be shown at the inter airport Europe:  For example, the new enhancement of the Passenger Boarding Bridge Interface (PBB Interface). The Passenger Boarding Bridge Interface optimizes the connection between the passenger boarding bridge and the aircraft fuselage through the interaction of a fixed frame and a tiltable pivot adapter with a folding canopy. Further developed now as the PBBI 2.0, it is a more flexible, light-weight and economical system that allows touchless docking with the aircraft fuselage. The sliding floor element can be extended up to 400 mm and is completely flexible, facilitating even easier docking along its entire length.

The new Optical Auto Leveler (OAL) measures the vertical movements of the aircraft while loading and unloading are taking place with a touchless optical system that sends signals for the ongoing adjustment of the passenger boarding bridge. HÜBNER's OAL has achieved the Performance Level "c" from the German TÜV technical inspection service. Currently it is the only autoleveling system that works on a touchless basis, thus preventing any potential for aircraft damage. And the new system also prevents the so-called “stick-slip effect” – when the feeler wheel used on previous systems would simply slide along the surface of the fuselage and not give correct data when the height of an aircraft decreases suddenly.  With this touchless docking method, the Performance Level "c" is kept throughout the whole process in contrast to other systems in use.   

A newly developed product from the HÜBNER company is its modular passenger guidance system that provides a connection from the aircraft to the terminal or a transport bus and gives clear guidance as well as weather protection to passengers as they move across the airport apron.

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