High Frequency Systems

A pathway for innovative technology.

Being a trusted partner for development in high frequency and radar technologies, HÜBNER Photonics division realizes custom solutions for any of your technical assignments.

With numerous possibilities for your high frequency applications

HÜBNER Photonics gives you more than just a high frequency product portfolio comprising amplifiers, couplers and modulators – our integral approach includes thorough consultation, dedicated development and most detailed production procedures as well as final system integration. The highest production standards, most accurate manufacturing to micron precision and a modern work environment are guaranteed for every project.

Opt for nothing less than a partner with great expertise and comprehensive experience – HÜBNER Photonics.

Further information is available at www.hubner-photonics.com



  • state-of-the-art technology
  • easy-to-use plug & play systems
  • completely safe
  • compact design