Dispenser systems and pump systems

Dispenser and pump systems for hand hygiene – customized according to customer wishes.

We produce dispenser systems and pump systems made of plastic or polyurethane (PUR) that are made to meet our customers' requirements. These systems are used in industrial settings, in public washrooms and in hospitals – wherever high hygiene standards must be maintained or an individual design is desired.

We support the complete manufacturing process – from the original idea to its development to the final delivery of the finished product. Close consultation and coordination with our customers are particularly important to us, to ensure that the products delivered correspond exactly to their ideas and requirements.


Testing manufacturing feasibility with filling and warpage simulations

To evaluate the manufacturing feasibility of a new system we conduct filling and warpage simulations. This lets us see early on in the process whether there are issues with shrinkage, warpage or shrink marks and to make corresponding adjustments.


High-performance efficiency: Our injection molding machines

For the production of dispenser and pump systems made of plastic, we use injection molding machines that operate on a one, two or three-shot basis with a clamping force of 25 to 300 tons. Automatic welding and assembly machines are also part of our manufacturing resources.  With this equipment we can produce our dispenser and pump systems in accordance with individual customer requirements in small or large quantities as required.