Material groups and catalogue of services

We order the following materials and services on a regular basis. If you are interested in working together with us on a long-term basis, then contact us via the online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Material Groups

  • Aluminum extrusion products according to drawings
  • Half-finished parts made of extruded aluminum
  • Cast parts made of non-ferrous metals
  • Cast parts made of steel and steel materials
  • Turned and milled parts
  • Laser parts, edging parts, bent parts, stamped parts
  • Welded assemblies made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Rubber, silicone and TPE profiles
  • Rubber molded and stamped parts, rubber tubing
  • Rubber and silicone compounds
  • DIN and company standard products
  • Electrical and electronic parts and components
  • Glass and ceramic products
  • Engineering plastics, granulates
  • Polyurethane raw material systems
  • Textured and smooth finish painting systems
  • Springs, hinges, hooks
  • Technical fabrics with and without coatings
  • Sliding materials made of engineering plastics
  • Composite materials made of fiber reinforced plastic
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic mechanical components
  • Tools for the production of injection molded plastic parts, polyurethane articles, rubber molded parts and rubber frames





General overhead materials

  • Office supplies
  • Replacement parts for production equipment
  • Maintenance and incidental materials
  • Operating and business equipment
  • Occupational safety equipment


Consulting and other services

  • Support services in mechanical and electronic development
  • Design and simulation
Construction and facility management
  • New construction and building alterations
  • Engineering and architectural services
  • Building maintenance and repair
  • Car fleet
  • Cleaning
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Winter services
  • Energy
  • Furnishings


Information technology

  • Windows-based computer systems
  • Storage solutions
  • Monitors
  • Desktops and laptops
  • Network technology (active and passive)
  • Telecommunication devices and services
  • Media and presentation equipment and technology
IT services and software
  • Consulting and programming in SAP, CAD (CATIA) and Windows
  • Maintenance services
  • Standard and individual software
Material Groups

Here you can find a list of all material groups and services for which we regularly place orders. 

Material Groups
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