Medical technology: Our products and solutions

Hygienic housings, padded mats and molded silicone parts.

For medical technology applications and devices, we produce control panel housings, other housings and cases, panel elements, cushion elements, padded mats, protectors and silicone parts. These products are used in doctors' offices, hospital wards and operating rooms. Our medical technology products are well known for their highly functional designs and their resistant surfaces that facilitate effective hygienic cleaning.

We are continually developing and enhancing our range of products for medical technology applications and are pleased to work directly from individual customer requirements. On this basis, quality products made of rubber, polyurethane (PUR) or plastic are produced in our facilities – in all possible production volumes, shapes and sizes.


Padded mats and control panels made of polyurethane

For medical technology applications we produce parts made of polyurethane, as this material has outstanding mechanical characteristics. It is exceedingly robust and simple to clean. We process polyurethane for different medical applications in various forms including RIM, semi-rigid or compact thermosets, as well as integral hard or soft foam or in system combinations using PUR and compact thermoset foam.

On this basis, we produce soft padded mats with a leather look, for example, or control panels for magnetic resonance imaging devices. Our padded mats are simple to clean and do not contain plasticizers.

For magnetic resonance imaging devices, we produce the body of the control panels using compact thermoset materials to provide the necessary stability. This soft elastic casing provides appealing tactile characteristics as well as a seamless surface that is easy to clean and disinfect. This elastic surface can be printed with symbols or key markings and subsequently coated.


Individual design

We are happy to adapt the design of parts and components to special customer wishes. Polyurethane parts can be given a wide range of surface textures from smooth to a more textured leather look. For coloring our PUR foam products for medical applications we also have a range of different options.  The complete part can be given a specific color by dyeing the foam that is used or it can be coated with the desired color after production. In addition, it is possible to apply a decorative film to products.


Silicone and rubber parts: Seals and membranes

For decades we have produced rubber and silicone parts in the form of profiles, frames and rubber-metal bonded components for the complete range of possible medical technology applications. These parts protect, absorb, seal and insulate – whether as delicate precision components or as gaskets weighing as much as several kilograms.  All of our silicone and rubber parts have been extensively tested and fulfill all relevant standards, for example in regard to fire safety requirements.

We manufacture membranes and collection containers made of silicone for dialysis machines as well rubber seals of all types.


Rubber and silicone systems

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