New transmission technology for 5G: HÜBNER is developing millimeter wave technology for new cellular standards

Kassel, Germany (12 November 2018). Transmitting mobile data to all locations even faster – today that is no longer just a dream for the future: In connection with the EU research project TWEETHER, the Kassel-based company HF Systems Engineering GmbH & Co. KG (HFSE) has developed a new transmission technology together with universities and technology companies in France, Great Britain, Spain and Germany. This technology will enable the next generation of cellular communication. The necessary key components could be provided by HFSE, a HÜBNER Group company, making use of millimeter wave technology. With the newly conceived antenna technology and the transmission and reception modules that are part of it, the transmitted data rate and the corresponding transmission path can be greatly increased.

"After a development time of more than two and a half years, the system, which is based on the point-to-multipoint operating module, was successfully tested in September in a multi-week field trial under realistic conditions in the Spanish city of Valencia," reports HÜBNER General Manager Ingolf Cedra, who is responsible for the Photonics business unit in the HÜBNER Group.  "TWEETHER shows that fast data transmission with more capacity is no longer just a promise for the future." Video telephony and live streaming in mobile settings, fully networked devices, machines and vehicles – all of this is now within reach.  Working together with the project partners in the technology cooperation, the company anticipates that marketing of the newly developed 5G technology will begin in 2019 to cellular service providers as well as to network infrastructure providers.

"For fast data transfer with short latency periods, the frequency range of 94 gigahertz (GHz) has been chosen, which has been developed for the first time in Europe with new technology," explains Daniel Hübsch, operational head of HFSE. The existing power supply frequency for base stations for the transmission of cellular data has been 60 GHz. With the higher frequency, significantly higher band widths are possible which in turn enables higher data transmission rates.

"Everyone is familiar with the phenomenon," continues Hübsch. "If too many people in a small area are using their cell phones, the existing 4G/LTE networks crash or the speed of data transmission slows down considerably." The frequency range now being used can provide a data transmission rate that is 30 times higher with up to 10 Gigabits (GBPS) per second. Project leader Dr. Trung Le gives a clear picture of the potential of the new system: "Video streaming in HD format requires an average of 5 megabits per second. Just one installed TWEETHER system can provide sufficient data volume for video streaming to as many as 2,000 mobile devices in its transmission area."

The test in Valencia was the first data transmission worldwide in the point-to-multipoint mode to take place in the so-called W-band that handles the millimeter wave range of 75 - 110 GHz. With a fixed transmission hub and three receiving stations at distances of 300, 500 and 1,100 meters, a correspondingly resilient network could be established. The TWEETHER Project was started at the beginning of 2015 and also had the Goethe University Frankfurt as a participating partner from Germany.

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Transmission module TWEETHER

Transmission module TWEETHER. Photo: HÜBNER/project team H2020 TWEETHER

New transmission technology for 5G

New frequency range for high data transmission rates has big potential

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