Passenger Boarding Bridge Interface

Gap-free docking for all aircraft types.

The Passenger Boarding Bridge Interface (PBB Interface) is suitable for handling all standard aircraft types. With its patented pivot mechanism, it achieves superior sealing between the passenger boarding bridge and aircraft fuselage in comparison with existing airplane connection systems. This is how it helps to save energy and increases the comfort of passengers.

Our PBB Interface consists of a solid basic frame that is mounted on the cabin of the passenger boarding bridge, an adjustable tilt-correction mechanism with the folding canopy and a flexible sliding floor element.

We are happy to design the PBB Interface to meet specific customer requirements and to handle the special needs of airport operators. Retrofitting on existing passenger boarding bridges is also possible.


Five modules for gap-free docking with the aircraft


Bumpers from HÜBNER are manufactured using a special process which ensures that the bumpers retain their flexibility at all temperatures and provide a perfect seal – whether for smaller aircraft such as the EMB 145 or larger planes such as the Boeing 747 and even the jumbo Airbus A380.

Tiltable pivor adapter

The tiltable pivot adapter makes it possible to make tilt corrections up to 5.7%.

Folding canopy

For the folding canopy of our PBB Interface we exclusively use folding bellows fabric that we have developed and produced ourselves. This material is highly fire resistant and meets the most important international fire safety standards, such as NFPA 415.



Flexible sliding floor

The flexible sliding floor can be moved forward to perfectly conform with the contour of the aircraft body. The right side can be moved forward 200 mm while the left side can extend up to 360 mm. To prevent any possible damage to the surface of the airplane, there is a rubber bumper on the leading edge of the sliding floor element.


With kinematics, we are referring to a patented arm system that directs the folding canopy and the bumpers so that they dock perfectly with the contour of aircraft fuselage whatever its specific configuration is.


Folding bellows, corrugated bellows and fairings – flexible connecting elements for all applications.

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