Plastic and polyurethane products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Auto-body parts, car key shells, keypads, accelerator pedals and sealed housings.

As a supplier for car and commercial vehicle manufacturers, we produce a wide variety of products and components made of rubber, polyurethane (PUR) and plastic for the automobile industry. For example, our product portfolio includes auto-body parts, car key shells, and keypads as well as accelerator pedals and sealed housings.

For the manufacture of parts and components we use the following plastic types:

  • Technical thermoplastics
  • Thermoplastic elastomers
  • Low-friction, flame retardant special-purpose thermoplastics


High-performance efficiency: Our injection molding machines

To manufacture of our plastic components, we use injection molding machines that operate on a one, two or three-shot basis with a clamping force of 25 to 300 tons. Automatic welding and assembly machines are also part of our manufacturing resources. With these machines we can produce components that correspond exactly to customer requirements and specifications. And of course we also produce machine tools for serial production.

We put together both self-developed or third party components in larger assemblies at our facilities and can also integrate purchased parts as required.



Two processes for perfect plastic injection molded parts

Single-component injection molding (single shot)

With single-component injection molding, we produce parts that can be manufactured in a single step. These are usually simpler parts that do not have multi-colored elements and do not need to have plastics with different characteristics.

Passenger car and commercial vehicle products that we produce with single-component injection molding include:

  • Accelerator pedal modules
  • Auto shark fins
  • Panels and coverings
  • Opening handles
  • Functional parts for locking systems and vehicle interiors


Multi-component injection molding (2-shot or 3-shot)

In multi-component injection molding (2-shot or 3-shot), we produce parts that in the past required two or three separate single-shot molding steps followed by an additional production step in which these single elements were attached to one another. Multi-component injection molding makes it possible to save both  time and costs by eliminating these separate steps.  

With multi-component injection molding we produce, for example:

  • Remote car key shells
  • Keypads
  • Lock casings
  • Housings for electronic control units
  • Diverse functional parts for vehicle interiors


Components for vehicle interiors and exteriors made of polyurethane foam

We produce polyurethane components for the interior and exterior of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. This material retains its shape over a wide range of temperatures and has outstanding sound and thermal insulation properties. In addition, large molded parts made of PUR foam have good stability even with a low wall thickness.  

Depending on customer requirements and the particular application, we process PUR foam in the following forms:

  • Reaction injection molding thermosets
  • Semi-rigid thermosets
  • Compact thermosets
  • Hard integral foam
  • Soft integral foam
  • Combined systems made of PUR and glass fibers

The surfaces of our products can be rendered in wide range of textures– whether smooth or with a leather grain contour or other structures.  We can color parts during the production process or paint them afterwards with matte or glossy finishes.

Using PUR foam we produce, for example:

  • Instrument panels
  • Fenders
  • Paneling parts for vehicle interiors


Our comprehensive service promise

While working with plastic parts for the automobile industry over several decades, we have gained expertise in the areas of industrial design, assembly, production automation, finishing and quality assurance. Our specialists take care of the complete production process from the design and development of molded parts and prototypes to serial production.

We can serve all your needs from a single source, providing visualizations in CATIA V5, FEM simulations, mold-flow calculations and project management. In addition, we have the latest tactile and optical 3D measurement devices for component measurement.