Plastic components for buses and rail vehicles

Duct elements, couplers and power connection systems made of lightweight injection molded plastic.

Our injection molded plastic components for buses and rail vehicles are extra durable, light-weight and wear resistant. They are used in power connection systems, as couplers or as duct elements.

HÜBNER has been working in the plastics segment for several decades. Our experts take care of the complete production process from the design and development of molded parts and prototypes to serial production. To manufacture our plastic components, we use injection molding machines that operate on a one, two or three-shot basis with a clamping force of 25 to 300 tons. Automatic welding and assembly machines are also part of our manufacturing resources.  With these machines we can produce components that correspond exactly to customer wishes and specifications.

We put together both self-developed or third party components in larger assemblies at our facilities and can also integrate purchased parts as required.


Our plastics portfolio at a glance

  •     Multiple shot injection molding (1 - 3 shot)
  •     Gas assisted molding
  •     Liquid silicone rubber (LSR)
  •     Injection-coated metal parts