Articulated bus platforms for simple maintenance of the articulation system

Sturdy platforms with convenient access to all important parts of the articulation system.


We manufacture our articulated bus platforms using exceedingly sturdy extruded aluminum profiles.  All of our articulated bus platforms are equipped with a maintenance hatch that provides quick and easy access to the most important elements of the articulation system beneath the platform. Our standard platform has a  hatch that provides access to the lubricant distributor as well as the system control unit or – depending on the type of articulation – to the angular sensor. With our deluxe platform there is a larger maintenance hatch that also provides access to the damping elements and the valve connectors, making it possible to replace these parts without disassembling the platform as a whole.

We also offer the possibility of having an additional maintenance hatch for quick access to the metal-rubber bearings. And we are happy to implement individual customer wishes in the design of our articulation platforms.


Articulated bus platform – standard model


Small maintenance hatch with access to:

  • Lubricant distributor 
  • Control elements or angular sensor

Articulated bus platform – deluxe model


Large maintenance hatch with access to:

  • Lubricant distributor
  • Control unit or angular sensor
  • Damping elements
  • Valve connectors