Principles of cooperation: Our values

The HÜBNER philosophy in everyday life.

We strongly believe that our success as a company has much to do with our values and the way we work together. Our company values are binding for all employees as they are the foundation of the well-being for all of us.


Our company values


„Try to understand yourself before you expect to be understood.“

Especially given the international position of our family company, we are open towards other people and ways of thinking. We make every effort to understand the personal
and national motivations behind the actions of our foreign colleagues here in Germany, our colleagues in our foreign branches, and our worldwide business partners. By acting
openly, we allow thoughts to be exchanged openly and honestly – including beyond our own workspace and job-related role – and include other points of view when forming our opinions.

We remain enthusiastic about learning new things, like to share our knowledge with others, and deal actively and constructively with change. We are open-minded and willing to learn from our customers and business partners. We are forward thinking and always looking for promising new activities for our company’s success. This allows us to generate new ideas and innovative thoughts, thus securing our jobs.

We promote variety in every sense, be it in terms of gender, age structures or national, cultural or ethnic origin.


„Say what you want to do and do what you say you will.“

Trust forms the foundation of our cooperation. After all, it is trust that allows us to be open. To ensure that we are and remain successful, we communicate openly, give feedback, keep to our word and act reliably. In an atmosphere of trust, we keep checks and the number of regulatory documents to a minimum.

We treat each other and our external business partners with respect and honesty, so that we can deal with one another harmoniously. We give our staff responsibility and trust their decisions. As far as possible, errors are avoided together through effective support and good preparation. We see them as an opportunity to further develop our skills, and especially our communication.


„Treat others as you would like to be treated.“

For us, being fair means supporting every single person’s claim to equal rights. We respect the attitudes and behaviour of others, try to understand their motives and use constructive criticism where necessary. Our managers and staff are responsible for acting accountably and being honest towards their partners. We attempt to find dialogue and consensus, value the strengths of others, but are also allowed to address weaknesses openly with one another.
As managers, we pay attention to a work-life balance and give all staff the opportunity to develop further where possible. We want to make sure that the company and our staff do well and we do not tolerate bullying, humiliation or arbitrariness.


„We are characterised by a strong sense of us.“

Mutual support is the only way for us to achieve the strength together that allows us to master even big challenges and be successful.
A little help in the various work processes can ensure significantly more effective work. Do not give up, even if you have been providing help for a long time and have had nothing in
return. Simply speaking openly about how you consider mutual assistance to aid good cooperation for our company can lead to the success you want.
We help one another internationally in the HÜBNER Group, too. Many staff have played a crucial part in establishing new Hübner companies in the key markets and integrating our foreign staff into the corporation. This has created the foundation for mutual assistance, which has proved itself time and again already.


„Do not take yourself too seriously and show understanding for those around you.“

We enjoy both what we achieve together and the part we personally play in the success that comes of it. This means that we can be certain of good development in the future
too, in line with the motto, “The skin of the bear can only be distributed once the bear has been killed by us all working together, not as soon as we decide to go on a bear hunt.”

Modesty means placing working for the common good above retaining an appropriate portion of the success for oneself, as this is the only way to ensure success in the first place. We know what we are good at and what we all still need to work on, and we own up to our mistakes by eliminating them as quickly as possible and learning to avoid them in future.

We treat our resources responsibly and cost-consciously and act with social and environmental responsibility. Our  understanding of modesty is also reflected in the corporate strategy, which puts the long-term security of the staff and the company above short-term profit.


„A kind word is worth more than it costs, and it is the positive connections between people that give life its value.“

Appreciation is expressed through acceptance, respect, acknowledgement and tolerance of difference in our everyday actions and dealings with people.
We treat one another and our business partners attentively, fairly and respectfully. We trust one another, act as a team and see variety as an opportunity. We work together closely and share knowledge and information within the company. We give each other feedback and deal with errors openly and constructively.
We acknowledge positive work from our colleagues with praise, promote individual strengths and outstanding ideas for the company and take the ideas of others into account. Our mutual support and understanding of what makes a team extend beyond national borders.


„Be open about your motives for doing or not doing something.“

Both internally and with external partners, we communicate openly, clearly and appropriately. We pass on information promptly, while maintaining confidentiality.
We are open with the staff and the public about our corporate policy goals and strategies. Our duty of transparency also brings with it self-discipline and reinforces the incentive to
fulfil our roles as well as possible. We have clear and comprehensible rules and processes that we are obligated to adhere to.
We count on the confidence of our partners and staff when it comes to strategic, temporary confidentiality regarding activities that safeguard our prospects of success.



„Our actions are in line with our values.“

To us, integrity means concurrence between the company values and how we ourselves act.
Living with integrity means having a reliably compass guiding our actions, and is therefore also a requirement for personal growth. We promote embedding our values in our day-to-day actions, making them clearly visible, and make every effort to maintain them constantly and practicably.
Integrity is also reflected in how we understand leadership. Inspiring, convincing, motivating, promoting and supporting are all core parts of our leadership culture, which we promote and demand worldwide.