Pump systems for the highest hygiene standards

Clever solutions for disinfectants, liquid soaps, creams and pastes.

To meet especially demanding hygiene standards, we have developed pump systems that already fulfill the hygiene requirements for dispenser systems that will be issued in guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute in the near future.

Our system works using an inverted container. The disposable container with the solution that is to be dispensed is placed in the dispenser unit upside down.  The pumping action allows the container to be emptied nearly entirely. Because a vacuum is maintained in the container throughout the entire emptying process, neither air nor contaminants of any sort can enter into the system. The contents are thus protected against any deterioration in quality.  


One system for soaps, hand washing paste, creams and disinfectants

Our pump systems are designed to function as fluid, foam and spray pumps. Depending on the intended use, they can be filled with disinfectants, soaps, creams or pastes. The standardized exterior dimensions minimize the effort needed for filling. When a pump needs to be changed this saves time and money. 


Environmental friendliness

For disposal, our systems do not need to be taken apart because all of the components are made of recyclable material. In addition, the spatial volume of waste is minimized through the collapse of the container during evacuation.


HÜBNER pump systems:

  • Fulfill the hygienic guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute
  • Are suitable for soaps, creams, pastes and disinfectants
  • Are equipped with fluid, foam or spray pumps
  • Have standardized dimensions for easier handling
  • Allow for effective emptying of the container
  • Have a low volume of waste after the container has been emptied