Purchasing Documents


General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

The purchasing conditions regulate the basic legal relationship between the supplier and the HÜBNER Group for all ordered goods and services. HÜBNER can only work together with a supplier when the supplier explicitly accepts the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase of the HÜBNER Group.


Supplier Information Form

Please fill out the Supplier Information Form so that we can assess the possibility of working together. The document is available in various languages.




Security Declaration

Please fill in the Security Declaration for authorized commercial operators and return it to your contact partner in the HÜBNER Group.







General instructions for packaging and delivery

The Packaging and Delivery Specifications describe the basic requirements for packaging and the marking of packaging which must be met for deliveries to the HÜBNER Group.


HÜBNER Code of Conduct

As a binding guideline for legally correct and ethically responsible action, the HÜBNER Code of Conduct defines standards for responsible behavior vis-a-vis business partners and colleagues.


HÜBNER Manual Supplier Management

The manual describes the processes and rules for working together with the HÜBNER Group for supplier qualification, evaluation and development.