Quick-change window systems for rail vehicles

The clever solution for rail vehicles in local public transport.

With HÜBNER's quick-change window systems, damaged window panes can be replaced in a few minutes from outside the vehicle. This allows transit operators to reduce downtime and maintenance costs for their vehicle fleets substantially. With window panes that are glued in place, the adhesive needs to be removed in a painstaking operation and the replacement pane must be glued into place in accordance with DIN 6701-2 for the proper certification. None of this is necessary with the HÜBNER solution. 

The system consists of a window pane element, a rubber frame for the window and a clamping profile.  The rubber-framed window element can either be installed directly in the space provided in the vehicle or with an adapter frame. The window pane element encased in its rubber frame is fixed with a clamping profile that guarantees secure placement.

Quick-change window systems are available for all rail vehicles used in urban and regional public transport. The windows can be customized in form, size and design to fit the general look of the specific vehicle and system. Of course, the quick-change windows fulfill all common European standards and requirements in regard to safety and functionality.


Our quick-change window systems are available in the following models:

  • Destination display windows
  • Door glazing
  • Driver cab windows
  • Emergency exit windows
  • Fixed windows
  • Front windscreens (curved in 2D or 3D)
  • Sliding windows (horizontal and vertical)
  • Tilting windows