Research and Development at HÜBNER

Innovation is an integral part of our company's DNA. In 1952, we developed the first folding bellows for use in the transport industry. In 1969, our silicone-metal connections proved their worth under long-term heavy-duty conditions. And in 2014, our continuously tunable laser C-WAVE received the Prism Award. The innovative resourcefulness of our employees has resulted in more than 200 patented inventions and has continually opened up new fields of business to us.


International research projects

Particularly in the areas of terahertz technology and photonics, as well as in millimeter-wave technology, we cooperate closely with renowned research institutions such as the Fraunhofer IPM. And we also take part in various research projects that are sponsored by the European Union.  Our goal is to develop new technologies that are are genuinely useful to the public. People and their needs are always the focal point of our research. We want to develop products that provide a real added value to mankind.


Continual optimization of existing products

Besides its work on new developments, our Research and Development team is continually involved in the improvement of existing products Here, the focal points are better environmental compatibility, improved user friendliness and the technical enhancement of the products. And we are continually working to improve design aspects as well. With our proactive approach to research and development, we ensure that our products always fulfill all relevant standards and norms. And, of course, the our customers requirements, as well.


In-house material testing

We test all our new developments extensively in our own in-house testing laboratory. Here we conduct tests that include:

  • Fire-resistance testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Acoustical insulation testing in accordance with DIN EN 16286-2
  • Durability tests
  • Environmental simulations
  • Movement and durability tests on complete systems

This is how we determine whether new innovations in fact meet our high HÜBNER quality levels, and if they don't, we make the necessary corrections to bring them up to our demanding standards.  


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