Rubber-metal and silicone-metal bonding

Limit stops, tracks, bumpers, discs and a wide range of customer-specific elements made of rubber and silicone components combined with metal.


Limit stops, tracks, bumpers and discs for a wide range of applications are often made of a combination of metal and rubber or silicone parts.  We produce these types of elements on a customized basis according to  customer specifications. We have special high-performance machines for pretreatment of metal parts and bond these parts with our proprietary rubber or silicone compounds.

We do rubber-metal and silicone-metal bonding with steel, aluminum, brass and many other metals. The final products have high chemical and thermal resistance as well as outstanding mechanical stability and great durability.

Of course, our products with rubber-metal or silicone-metal bonding are heat, cold and UV-resistant and conform with international fire safety standards. Products with enhanced oil and lubricant resistance can also be delivered.