Sealing systems made of rubber and silicone for windows and doors

Window sealing systems, window profiles, door profiles and portal frames for all vehicle types.


Utilizing our proprietary elastomeric compounds, we produce window sealing systems, window profile frames, door profiles and portal frames for public transport vehicles. We vulcanize the rubber elements in the right mold to fit exactly and deliver them to you either as clamping profiles or as a complete solution including the window panes.

Our door sealing systems, window profile frames, door profiles and portal frames are well known for their high reliability and impressive durability. They are resistant against heat, cold and UV radiation. In addition, they meet all relevant fire safety standards. 


Corner injection molding process for even higher resistance

Rubber frames that need to have a high resistance to shear effects are produced using the latest corner injection molding processes. This is how we achieve a clean transition between the extruded profile and the shape-molded corner with with both radial and rectangular corners. We also use this technique for connecting hollow chamber profiles and profiles with varying diameters.


Pneumatic seals for the most demanding conditions

For doors and vehicles that require an absolutely hermetic seal, we produce pneumatic sealing systems. The heart of the mechanism is a hollow chamber in the seal profile which is put under pneumatic pressure. Through the excess pressure in the chamber not a single drop is able to pass through the seal, even under the most extreme conditions.