Complete systems for articulated buses: 1,60 m bus segment

Proven plug-and-play gangway systems for articulated buses.

Our 1.6 meters of bus is a complete plug-and-play system ready for installation to connect the front and back parts of an articulated bus. It fulfills all the requirements in the high-floor and low-floor segments and is equipped with clear interfaces to the other parts of the bus. The complete system of 1.6 meters of bus is delivered on a transport frame so that it can be mounted into a bus that is under construction in a period of less than a few hours.


Our complete system for articulated buses contains the following items:

  • an articulation system that can be adjusted to any vehicle type
  • an electronic articulation control unit that provides maximum safety
  • a power guidance system that can be safely and flexibly stowed in floor, side and ceiling areas
  • folding bellows that can be delivered in different colors, forms and designs according to customer wishes
  • floor and ceiling coverings for more comfort through heating and acoustic insulation


Bus brochure

An overview of our products and system solutions for buses.

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