Translucent and multi-colored designer folding bellows for buses and rail vehicles

Special materials and production processes for customized design and comfort wishes.

Multi-colored designer folding bellows for buses and rail vehicles

Even though our folding bellows are offered in a standard  functional gray color, we can also customize folding bellows to conform with the design of the vehicle they're a part of. Indeed, there are no limits to the color and design possibilities.

One particularly popular option is the continuation of the color scheme of the vehicle on the folding bellows or the passenger boarding bridges.  With this option, the appearance of the connecting element is a continuous part of the look of the vehicle.

We are also happy to implement special designs with original motifs such as the folding bellow design that appeared for the 200th anniversary of the first edition of the Grimms' fairy tales, which was celebrated in Kassel in 2013.



Translucent folding bellows made of BrillianFlex®

With a translucent folding bellows made of BrillianFlex®, sunlight goes through the articulation segment of the bus, which is normally rather dark. This creates a friendly atmosphere and raises passengers' feeling of safety. Because the BrillianFlex® has a light gray tone, dirt and discolorations are not so noticeable. The gray tone also creates an optimal balance between the brightness and the warmth of the light that passes through the bellows.


BrillianFlex® at a glance

  • Tested in a wide range of climate zones and regions
  • Oil and fuel resistant
  • Fulfills the requirements of ECE-R118, 95/28/E, DIN 5510, EN 20105, ISO 105
  • Sturdy basic fabric made of polyester
  • High UV resistance
  • Temperature range from -40 °C to100 °C
Material characteristics of HÜBNER bellows

Optimal weather resistance with elastomer, thermoplastic or silicone coatings.

Material characteristics of HÜBNER bellows