UIC-561 compatible gangways for railway passenger cars

The classic gangway solution using rubber tubing – also in a pressure-proof model.


Our portfolio includes complete pressure-proof UIC-561 compatible gangways as well as simple rubber tubing for UIC-561-compatible gangways in the rubber tube design. These products fulfill the requirements of the International Union of Railways (UIC) for railway passenger cars.


Pressure-proof UIC-561-compatible gangways for railway passenger cars

Our pressure-proof UIC-561 compatible gangway can be coupled with other HÜBNER gangways of the same type or with typical UIC-561 rubber tube gangways. When coupled with a gangways of the same type, the connection is pressure proof and provides enhanced protection against shock waves when traveling through tunnels, better sound insulation as well as better protection against thermal losses and dirt.

The gangway functions very simply. The sliding seal plates on the angled frames of the two gangways that are coupled with each other press firmly against each other and protect the interior space against outside influences and pressure changes.   The gangway bridge system can be folded up and – if desired by the customer – is also adjustable in height. The gangway thus meets the requirements of the so-called "Berne rectangle" – a free space that must be made available for personnel to ensure safe coupling of the vehicles.  We are also happy to integrate lighting into the gangway system if desired.


Rubber tubing for UIC-561 compatible gangways

We supply our customers with rubber tubing for sealing UIC-561 compatible gangways that have a rubber tube design. The tubing is made of heat, cold and UV-resistant rubber that fulfills all the relevant fire safety standards. Of course, the tubing also conforms with the UIC-845 standard.


Our products for UIC-561 compatible gangways at a glance

Pressure-proof UIC-561 compatible gangways

  • Can be coupled with UIC-561 gangways in the rubber tube design
  • Pressure proof when coupled with gangways of the same type
  • Berne rectangle for safety purposes provided with fold-up or height-adjustable gangway bridges
  • Integrated lighting available

Rubber tubing for UIC-561 compatible gangways

  • Made of heat, cold and UV-resistant rubber
  • Highly durable and low-wear
  • Meets international fire safety standards
  • Tested in accordance with UIC-845
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