Components for vehicle interiors: Polyurethane in all forms from hard to soft

Soft and hard polyurethane components for all interior requirements in transport vehicles.

We produce an exceedingly wide range of polyurethane (PUR) components for the interior fittings of buses and rail vehicles. One of polyurethane's key characteristics – in addition to its low weight – is that it can be processed in varying degrees of hardness. This makes it possible to produce soft components such as cushioning, and flexible and harder parts – for example for the lining of interior walls or for luggage racks.

Passenger comfort and convenience are always top priorities for us when we produce PUR components. The ergonomic characteristics of our interior components as well as their design and their look and feel are very important. And customers can make their own choices regarding the design of surfaces. We make it all possible – from leather grain to a high-tech look. In cooperation with our customers, we develop solutions that fit perfectly for every sort of vehicle.


Soft and semi-rigid PUR: Protective cushioning for more safety in public transport

We produce soft to medium-hard cushioning made of soft and semi-rigid integral foam for the interiors of buses and rail vehicles. Possible uses include grips and shock absorbing surfaces for edges and corners as well as seat cushions and protective cushioning. For simple mounting and assembly, attachment elements such as nuts or screw threads can be built directly into the cushioning components.

We produce the following items (among others) made of soft to semi-rigid PUR:

  • Seat cushions
  • Lap cushions
  • Chin pads
  • Bumpers


Impact-resistant PUR: Practical interior elements

We produce compact systems, molded parts and housing elements made of impact-resistant and elastic PUR for the interiors of bus and rail vehicles. The components can be produced  and delivered separately or as complete assemblies. Practical attachment elements such as threading and nuts can be integrated directly into the components during the production process. In consultation with us, customers can specify the form, color, elasticity and surface of the ordered parts for the specific needs of their project.

We produce the following items (among others) made of impact-resistant PUR:

  • Covering elements
  • Luggage racks
  • Housings
  • Ceiling modules


Design of driver cockpits: Instrument panels and driver protection

Instrument panels and dashboards

Our instrument panels are made of soft and hard polyurethane, and they impress users with their excellent ergonomic characteristics and their great look and feel.  And they are exceedingly tough and long-lasting. We produce dashboards on a project-specific basis: Designs can be specified to fulfill all our customers' wishes. Additional parts can also be integrated without problems during the production of customized assemblies.


Driver protection for bus drivers

Safety issues are playing an ever greater role in local public transport. We have developed various driver protection systems to give bus drivers protection against direct assaults for just this reason. 

Our protective equipment is made of safety glass and can be installed by bus manufacturers or by transit company operators economically and with a minimum of effort.

HÜBNER's driver protection equipment does not impede drivers as they do their jobs, nor does it limit their contact with passengers or their view of the street.  Handling of the systems is simple and intuitive. Depending on the situation, they can be used in various positions from open to closed.