Our aim:
To continue to reliably supply
our worldwide customers
at accustomed quality levels

What HÜBNER is doing to
ensure ongoing energy supplies

Independent of the current situation, we have been pursuing sustainability projects at our locations for projects in the areas of energy, environment and resource management in order to make the energy supply of our business processes more independent and self-sufficient. For example, we have operated a combined heat and power plant at our headquarters in Kassel for several years, and large areas have also been equipped with photovoltaics. Another example is India, where we have expanded our production capacities with a new green production facility in the vicinity of Bangalore that will be completed at the end of 2022. For this purpose, HÜBNER contracted with the Indian company LEAD, which is specialized in environmentally friendly construction. At the new site, as little soil as possible has been moved for the construction. In addition, sustainable materials are being used and local companies are doing much of the work.

For all company locations worldwide, a range of sustainability measures are being implemented and are in the concrete planning stage in accordance with the respective local conditions. Photovoltaics, heat exchange systems, district heating, CO2 balancing, and modern process control systems are just a few of an extensive catalog of measures that are being implemented. On the way to achieving greater sustainability, HÜBNER is working to increase the use of renewable energies based on energy sources with a positive ecological balance and organized through management systems that are implemented worldwide.

All of this helps to make HÜBNER’s production capacities more and more sustainable while being less dependent on third parties. Which makes it possible for our customers to rely on us as a dependable supplier of the products they require.