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HK light

The lightweight

The HK light is manufactured from plastic, making it extremely lightweight and also electrically insulating. With a weight of just 12.5 kg and an attractive design, it is possible to integrate into virtually any vehicle. The HK light complies with the highest safety and quality standards, complying with EU guideline 2001/85.


Total weight: 12.5 kg
Load capacity: 350 kg*
Tread plate dimensions: L 905/1105 mm W 930 mm
Tray completely from plastic
Electrically insulating
Ramp and tray as complete module
Non-slip surface coating
Tread plate foam coated with PU; less weight
Complies with EU guideline 2001/85

  * Can vary according to model type

HK light
HK light HK modular


Ramps and lifts for busses and railway vehicles.pdf


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