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IL 2502



Streamlined design, easy to install:

The power-assisted IL 2502 is integrated in the vehicle floor. With its compact length it is also suitable for
use in tight installation spaces. The ramp can be extended or retracted in just 8 seconds and is also
suitable for use in high-temperature areas. The ramp’s plug-and-play system makes for easy installation
and simple maintenance.


 Weightt: 40 kg
Maximum Load: 350 kg
Installation dimensions: L 875,5 mm x W 900 mm x H 73 mm
Ramp cover in vehicle floor: Can be walked on
Non-slip ramp surface
Extension / retraction time of 8 seconds
Electronic safety sensors in compliance with EC 2001/85,
ECE R107 and DDA
LED blinker as additional safety feature
Operating temperature: -25° to +80°C



IL 2502
IL standard SKADI® IL 2502