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IL standard

Elektrische Rampe IL standard The Robust Inboard Ramp

The HÜBNER IL standard is integrated into the vehicle floor. This enables the vehicle to retain its original ground clearance. The ramp takes a mere 9 seconds to extend or retract. This ramp has been deployed more than 10,000 times, it is truly tried and tested and can be installed in virtually any vehicle.


Inboard (integral part of the vehicle)

Electric drive 24v DC Ramp plate for walk on access

Rampendeckplatte begehbar

Non-slip surface

Extension/retraction time of 9 seconds
Weight: 55 kg
Capacity: 350 kg
Dimensions: L 1075mm x W 861 mm x H 96 mm
Electonic safety sensors on leading edge and plate

  With over 10,000 ramps in operation world wide the IL is truly field tested and can be fitted to virtually any vehicle

IL standard
IL standard SKADI® IL 2502


Ramps and lifts for busses and railway vehicles.pdf


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