HÜBNER’s steering system in AKIA’s new high-capacity vehicle “TransEra” - Vehicles drive as if on invisible rails

Innovative technology from the HÜBNER Group will be an important building block in AKIA’s latest vehicle project. The Turkish vehicle manufacturer – a division of the ULASIM Group Company – is currently developing a 36-meter-long high-capacity battery-powered electric vehicle that can be steered as if on invisible rails. This new vehicle concept is made possible by the steering system developed by HÜBNER, which will be shown at Busworld Europe from October 7 to 12, 2023, in Brussels (Hall 7, Booth 755).

[Translate to english:] HÜBNER-Lenksystem in AKIAs neuem High-Capacity-Fahrzeug „TransEra“

Vehicle solution for passenger transport with technology from HÜBNER

“AKIA is opening up a new chapter in mobility. We are proud to present the new ‘TransEra’ – the world’s largest rubber-tire based vehicle with a length of 36 meters, developed with the steering technology of the HUBNER Group. The vehicle will be a solution for uninterrupted passenger transport with fast-charging and improved battery systems,” says Remzi Baka, Chairman of the Board of ULASIM Group Company.

Feasibility studies with local authorities are currently in progress with the aim to expand the public transport system in Istanbul, in which the new vehicle concept will play a significant role. ULASIM Group Company plans to present the first prototype of “TransEra” in 2025.


Benefits of high-capacity steering technology

“We are very pleased that AKIA is now the first partner to opt for our steering system,” emphasizes Uwe Bittroff, Managing Director of the HÜBNER Group. “This also makes us confident that the benefits of our technology will become even more evident with the first vehicle on the road. Safely controllable high-capacity buses can be a gamechanger for the public transport of the future in many regions of the world. That’s why we are open to further partners and look forward to exchanging ideas with customers about innovative vehicle concepts at Busworld Europe in Brussels.”


Safe handling, high level of comfort

HÜBNER has developed a steering system that intelligently and safely controls the six axles of high-capacity buses in urban traffic. Uwe Bittroff:“For the safe operation of high-capacity buses, a reliable steering system is crucial. Our steering technology has been developed in such a way that there is no danger to passengers or the environment in case of malfunctions.”

In 2022, the steering technology was introduced as the world’s first system that can safely control road vehicles with six axles. Since then, various vehicle manufacturers and transport operators have expressed interest. HÜBNER is also holding talks about the new technology with political representatives.


Steering system developed by HÜBNER in accordance with ISO 26262

The steering system has been developed according to the current requirements of functional safety as set forth in ISO standard 26262 as a fail-operational system. It has a modular design, which allows bus and train manufacturers to produce individual vehicle concepts. Thanks to pre-developed system components, high-capacity buses can be flexibly integrated into the infrastructure of growing cities.

In addition, the HÜBNER steering system can be used in two-way operation – and includes an interface connection for autonomous driving. As a result, HÜBNER’s steering system will also meet future requirements for public mobility solutions.


Like a tram on rubber wheels

“High-capacity buses look like trams on rubber wheels and are particularly well suited for cities that require large transport capacities in a short period of time,” explains Dr. Stefanie Böge, Head of Development Projects at HÜBNER’s Mobility Road business division.“We see vehicles with our steering system as a supplement to existing systems in public transport, as they are comparatively cost-efficient, quickly ready for use and can also be integrated into an existing road infrastructure at short notice.”

For its presence at Busworld Europe, HÜBNER has published its own website, which summarizes all information on highlights and products: www.hubner-group.com/busworldeurope-2023


AKIA: an experienced provider of public transport solutions

AKIA is experienced with innovative and sustainable solutions developed for the public transport sector. In recent years the company has already delivered more than 100 LF25 Metrobus vehicles with a length of 25 meters and a capacity of 270 passengers to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Information about AKIA is published on its website: