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Laser technology now plays an indispensable role in scientific research, in industrial production and even in many everyday applications.

With the Swedish laser manufacturer Cobolt, HÜBNER offers one of the widest assortment of products available on the market. The product portfolio ranges from compact single-frequency CW lasers to diode lasers to Q-switched lasers.

Our technology:

  • HTCure™ production technology for guaranteed reliability
  • UV-VIS-NIR Single Frequency Lasers
  • User friendly and flexible
  • Proven OEM supplier

With the company's proprietary HTCure™ production technology, these lasers deliver outstanding reliability and long product life cycles. The patented process features a gluing technology that works with exceedingly high temperatures to provide excellent durability in a highly compact design.

In addition, HÜBNER's tunable lasers can cover an unusually broad spectrum. With the C-WAVE model, for example, the laser wavelength can be flexibly adjusted from blue to red or into the near infrared red range – without changing the laser medium. In contrast to traditional methods, there is no contact with toxic dyes or manual exchange of expensive and complex optical elements.

Products of Laser Technology

Product overview

The C-WAVE laser is a broadly tunable single-frequency laser light source that is based on optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology.  It provides fully computer controlled emission regulation for visible and near-infrared wavelengths. 

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Laser combiners and laser light engines make it possible to integrate and align individual laser sources either onto an optical bench or within an instrument. The laser combiners of the C-FLEX family provide a single output with co-linear laser beams, thus making it simple and convenient to deliver up to 6 laser lines simultaneously.

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A comprehensive range of lasers: diode, single frequency, DPSS, multi-line, Q-switched and narrow linewidth – Cobolt has a broad spectrum of high-performance, user-friendly lasers to choose from.

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