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We serve a
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  • Hygiene and medical technology
  •  Aerospace
  •  Shipbuilding and port technology
  •  Commercial vehicles
  •  Building and construction components
  •  Oil and gas
  •  Defense
  •  …

Our products fulfill the highest demands

HÜBNER responds to individual customer wishes with speed and  innovative capacity. We will be pleased to fulfill your specific product requirements – including special wishes such as color variants, fire resistance as well as compounds meeting specifications for atomic, biological and chemical (ABC) resistance.

In the field of research and development our team already has 600 rubber compound recipes at its disposal. You too can benefit from our many years of experience, our use of state-of-the-art production software (SAP and CATIA), and our in-house machine tool engineering.

Our stringent material testing is conducted directly at HÜBNER facilities – mechanical and thermal testing, surface structure measurements, color measurements and flammability testing.

For oil & gas industry applications there are demanding requirements that have to be met, such as stringent fire safety standards and top performance under all kinds of weather conditions. Even under extreme conditions our products perform outstandingly and deliver excellent durability.

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HÜBNER has been a well-recognized partner for aircraft technology for more than 40 years as well as a respected OEM supplier for the defense industry. We provide our customers with a wide selection of products and technical solutions – from the production of profiles and molded parts to gap covers and sealing frames.

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We produce dispenser systems and pump systems made of plastic or polyurethane (PUR) customized to our customers' requirements. These can be put to use wherever particularly high hygiene standards have to be fulfilled or where customers are in need of an individual design – in industry, public restrooms and in healthcare settings.

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As a supplier for manufacturers of commercial and utility vehicles, HÜBNER provides a wide range of products and components made of rubber, polyurethane and plastics.

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Whether for skylights, automatic doors or high-security gates – products from HÜBNER ensure that moving components in buildings of all types can be closed safely and securely.

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