company culture
and responsibility

Our employees are our greatest strength

Our company culture is shaped by reciprocal respect, openness and trust. On this foundation, a strong solidarity develops between HÜBNER and its employees. Many employees have been loyal to HÜBNER over decades – and we are thankful for this.

With company pension plan contributions and profit sharing in the form of target agreements and premiums, HÜBNER gives its employees the security they need – and which they certainly deserve.

Our values

We strongly believe that our success as a company has much to do with our values and the way in which we work together. Our company values are binding for all employees as they are the foundation of  our shared well-being.


"Try to understand before you seek to be understood."

As an internationally operating, family-owned company we are particularly open to other people and to other ways of thinking. We make every effort to understand the personal and the cultural motivations of our foreign colleagues who have joined us from other countries as well as our colleagues at international HÜBNER Group companies and our business partners around the world.

With an open-minded approach we facilitate an open and honest exchange of ideas – also beyond the immediate concerns of our respective jobs and responsibilities – and integrate other points of view in the formation of our opinions.

We are always excited to learn new things, we are pleased to share our knowledge with others, and we aim to deal with change actively and constructively. We are open and ready to learn from our customers and business partners. We keep an open eye on the future and seek new and promising activities for our company.

In this way we generate new ideas and innovative possibilities and ensure that our jobs remain secure. We promote diversity in every relationship – independent of gender, age structures as well as national, cultural and ethnic origins.

"Say what you are going to do and do what you have said."

Trust is the foundation of working together, because without trust we cannot be open with each other. To ensure long-term success, we communicate openly, give feedback honestly and are reliable in what we say and what we do. In an atmosphere of trust, we can reduce controls and the quantity of regulatory documents to what is truly necessary.

We treat each other and our external business partners with respect and honesty so as to ensure harmonious interaction and cooperation. We give our employees responsibility and trust their decisions. As much as we can, we will prevent errors together through effective mutual support and good preparation. When they do occur, we see them as an opportunity for the further development of our capabilities and particularly of our communication skills.

"Treat your counterpart as you would like to be treated yourself."

For us, fairness means supporting the right of every person to be equal.
We respect the outlook and behavior of others and endeavor to understand the motivation of others and to exercise constructive criticism when it is necessary. Our managers and employees have the responsibility to act in a clear and comprehensive way and to be honest with their partners. We seek dialog and consensus, we value the strengths of others, and are also ready to speak openly with each other about weaknesses.

As managers we pay attention to maintaining a balance between personal and professional life and as much as possible seek to give all employees the opportunity to develop in their jobs.  We want to protect and maintain the long-term well-being of the company and will not tolerate bullying or humiliation or arbitrary behavior.

"We distinguish ourselves through a strong "we culture".

Only when we support each other do we achieve the strength that lets us undertake the really big tasks that make us successful. Helping in small ways with different work processes can make for a significantly more effective way of doing things. We also don't give up even after providing help repeatedly and perhaps receiving little help in return over a longer period. An open conversation about how we see mutual support in the sense of good cooperation for our company can help lead to the success we commonly seek.

We also help each other internationally in the HÜBNER Group. Many employees have made significant contributions in helping to set up new HÜBNER companies in important markets and to integrate out international employees in the overall corporate group. In this way, the foundation for mutual help has been created that has proved itself again and again.

"Don't take yourself too seriously and be understanding of your surroundings."

We are pleased about the work we do together as well as with our personal participation in the success that comes from that work. In this way we can be confident about our continued good development in the future, in keeping with the motto: The bear skin can only be divided after the bear has been hunted successfully together – and not when the decision is made to start the hunt.

Modesty means making one's contribution to the general good before receiving one's fair share of the success, because only this way is the success ensured. We know what we can do well and also where we need to work together to improve. We admit our mistakes, correct them as quickly as possible and learn to prevent them in the future.

We handle our resources responsibly and keep a close eye on the costs of what we do and live up to our social and environmental responsibilities. Our understanding of modesty also is reflected in our company strategy which puts zjr long-term security of the employees and the company ahead of short-term profits.

"A friendly word is worth more than it costs. And it forms the positive connection between people which gives life its value."

Appreciation is expressed through acceptance, respect, recognition and tolerance of the differences we find in others in our daily actions and interactions. We deal with each other and with our business partners in an attentive, respectful and fair way. We trust each other, act as a team and view our diversity as an opportunity and a strength.

We work closely with each other and share knowledge and information in the company. We give feedback to each other and handle mistakes openly and constructively.

We give positive recognition to the contributions of our colleagues, promote their personal strengths and good ideas for the company and respect their opinions. Our mutual support and our understanding of ourselves as a team does not stop at any national border.

"Present your motives for what you do or don't do openly to others."

We communicate openly with internal as well as external partners in a clear and appropriate manner. We promptly share information, but also respect confidentiality.

We are open about corporate goals and strategies to employees and the general public. Our commitment to transparency results also in self-discipline and reinforces our incentive to fulfill our responsibilities as effectively as we can. We have clear and readily comprehensible rules and processes which we follow consistently.

With the strategic, temporary non-disclosure of business activities so as better ensure our chances of success, we count on the trust of our partners and employees.

"Our actions conform with our values."

For us integrity means acting in accordance with our company values.

Living with integrity means having a reliable compass for our actions and is thus a prerequisite for personal growth. We want our values to be firmly anchored and clearly recognizable in our daily business, and we make every effort to maintain these values on a long-term and viable way.

Integrity is also displayed in leadership: To inspire, to convince, to motivate, to promote and to support are central elements of our leadership culture, a culture which we support and expect.