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We develop and produce dispenser and pump systems as well as special hygiene system solutions customized to meet individual customer requirements. These systems are used in industrial settings, in public washrooms and in hospitals – wherever high hygiene standards must be maintained or an individual design is desired. In addition, we offer a complete component production facility for medical applications operating under clean room conditions.

We place a high priority on close consultation and coordination with our customers to ensure that the delivered products correspond exactly to your wishes and requirements. 

We produce customized and clever systems which are designed to meet the specific market requirements of our customers. To achieve this, we work in close partnership with customers and make use of our extensive and deeply grounded know-how in product development and production.

Our entry into hygiene technology came some years ago with the development and serial production of a robust pump and dispensing system for use with skin protection in industrial settings. Based on this, an innovative modular pump and dispensing system for hospital and healthcare applications was subsequently created for a well-known international medical technology manufacturer to meet the special requirements of the hospital sector. 

Our core markets are industrial skin protection, public washroom applications, hospital hygiene and the manufacture of components for demanding hygiene applications.

Making use of a closed pump and dispensing system, the innovative HÜBNER products feature simple handing together with full compliance with all hygiene standards.  The innovative folding bellows pump is suitable for a wide range of solutions and allows no outside air into the system. The pump container remains closed and germ-free from the time of filling until its nearly complete evacuation.

In the engineering of special solutions for hygiene applications, we can support you in a full range of capacities – with dosing applications, dispensing systems, or complex individual functional elements.

Whenever there is a need for sophisticated, high quality component solutions, we are ready to be of service – with selecting the right materials, managing expert production, combining top functionality and quality with clean room assembly and packaging – all this and more. Get in touch with us!

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