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Spectrometers from HÜBNER can detect hidden objects and materials such as drugs and explosives in letters and packages. And they can also identify defects and cavities in non-conductive components. With full automation of the measurement processes, the terahertz systems can deliver extensive data processing while only requiring minimal personnel resources. The THz waves are entirely safe so that no expensive safety precautions need to be taken. User-friendly operation via touch screen makes for swift and secure analysis in no time.  Find out more on the website of:


Product overview

The T-SPECTRALYZER® products have been especially developed for quick application and for routine measurements in daily analytic work. 

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T-COGNITION® is an exceedingly effective security technology. With dependability and precision T-COGNITION identifies hidden drugs and explosives in letters and small packages.

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With the terahertz imager T-SENSE hazardous substances contained in letters and packages can be safely and effectively visualized.

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The Terahertz imager T-SENSE FMI visualizes process related properties for materials inspection, such as foreign bodies, flaws, or cavities inside objects. 

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