Our story

A success story
in the heart of Germany

The story of the HÜBNER Group begins in the year 1946. In the difficult days following the end of the war, 40-year-old Kurt Hübner set up a company for the production and repair of rubber articles as a new arrival in Kassel. He had just come to Kassel with his family the previous year after having to flee from the Saxon city of Lugau as the Russian Army advanced. He had acquired his knowledge about rubber and its processing from his work repairing conveyor belts in the coal mines of Saxony. Kurt received support with the new business venture from his father-in-law Georg Schnellhas, a highly skilled craftsman,


who prior to the founding of the company had worked as a foreman at Henschel, one of the most important producers of locomotives in Europe. He also was supported by his wife Anne Hübner who brought her accounting skills to the company. The workshop quickly established itself as a specialist for rubber production and as the regional expert for special developments in the field. The owner and his employees went on to bring numerous new products to the market which quickly came to set the benchmark for various industries. From folding bellows to tunable lasers, today the products of HÜBNER are in daily use throughout the world.


Milestones of
company history

  • 2023: The new “Namma Factory” located close to Bengaluru (Bangalore) goes into operation. With this step, HUBNER Interface Systems India Pvt. Ltd. has significantly expanded production capacities for the Asia-Pacific region. After six years, HÜBNER successfully completes the refurbishment of 500 gangway systems for ICE 3 trains for the Deutsche Bahn. HÜBNER now has a system in place allowing delivery of bus spare parts in less than 24 hours throughout Germany. 

  • 2022: The HÜBNER Group presents its new steering technology for high-capacity buses as a world first at the InnoTrans fair in Berlin. One of the most modern compounding plants for elastomer compounds at the site in Nyíregyháza, Hungary goes into operation. At its new Competence Center Silicone HÜBNER brings together its competencies at PolymerTechnik Ortrand GmbH (PTO).



  • 2021: The Dutch chassis specialist V.S.E. Vehicle Systems Engineering B.V. become part of the HÜBNER Group and is strengthening the field of chassis technology. HÜBNER Photonics expands its portfolio and acquires VALO Innovations GmbH, which develops ultrafast-pulse fiber laser systems.

  • 2020: Start of production at new factory in Dunlap, Tennessee (USA), Establishiment of HÜBNER Korea Ltd.

  • 2019: Acquisition of the rail electronics supplier GERSYS (driver displays), Strengthening of the Material Solutions business segment with acquisition of GWU Group (rubber, insulation materials, FRP)
  • 2018: Acquisition of ATG Autotechnik GmbH, which develops and manufactures articulations and gangways. New certification for polyurethane products with paint finishing in accordance with fire safety standard DIN EN45545R17 HL2/HL3
  • 2016: Establishment of a sales location in Colombia.
  • 2015: Establishment of a sales location in Turkey.
    Acquisition of Cobolt AB.
  • 2014: Diversification into new technologies (terahertz, photonics and high frequency technologies).
    Founding of HF Systems Engineering GmbH & Co. KG
  • 2013: Change of company name to HÜBNER GmbH & Co. KG.
    Establishment of production facilities in Malaysia.
    Launch of the new articulation system family HNGK 19.5.
  • 2012: Acquisition of Bellow & Bus (Pty) Ltd.
    Acquisition of Heurteaux– manufacture de caoutchouc.
    Start of serial production of soap dispensers.
  • 2011: Establishment of a sales location in England and production facilities in India.
  • 2010: Acquisition of Rutsch & Co GmbH.
    Development of a proprietary patented fluid pump.
  • 2009: Presentation of the product terrasensa classic® at the Medica exhibition.
  • 2007: First designer folding bellows produced on the occasion of the documenta art exhibition.
    Acquisition of HEMSCHEIDT Fahrwerktechnik GmbH & Co. KG Acquisition of Palotás Mix.
  • 2006: Acquisiton of PolymerTechnik Ortrand GmbH.
  • 2004: Start of production of ramps and lifts for public transport vehicles.
    Establishment of sales locations in France and Italy. Founding of HÜBNER Transportation GmbH and Top Ten GmbH.
  • 2003: Establishment of production facilities in Russia and a sales location in Sweden.
  • 2002: Foundation of the production facility in China.
  • 2000: Start of the production of window systems for public transport vehicles.
    Start of serial production of corrugated folding bellows using molded fabrics.
  • 1997: Establishment of production facilities in Hungary.
  • 1995:Establishment of production facilities in the USA.
    First gangways meeting the highest fire safety requirements (BS 6853 1a).
  • 1994: Start of plastic injection molding production.
  • 1990:Delivery of the world's then largest railway gangway for the car transport trains used in the Eurotunnel between England and France.
  • 1989: Development and production of high-speed gangways for Intercity Express trains in Germany.
    New folding bellows types for truck trailers, freight trains and for flexible connections between containers.
  • 1986: First translucent folding bellows.
  • 1985: Death of company founder Kurt Hübner. Reinhard Hübner assumes leadership of the company.
  • 1979: Development of the first corrugated bellows.
    Founding of HUBNER Sanfonas Industriais Ltda. in Brazil, the company's first international production location.
  • 1973: Change of company name to HÜBNER GmbH.
  • 1970: HÜBNER passenger boarding bridges featuring folding bellows are put into use at Frankfurt Airport for the first time.
  • 1968: Start of polyurethane production.
  • 1956: Development of aerodynamic, sound-insulated gangways for the Trans Europe Express (TEE).
  • 1952:Development of the first articulated buses together with the company Henschel.
  • 1951:Production of the first folding bellows and rubber tubing connections for railway cars of the Deutsche Bahn.
  • 1946: Founding of the company by Kurt Hübner in Kassel, Germany. Start of rubber production activities.