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HÜBNER Photonics offers a wide range of compact single-frequency CW lasers, diode lasers and Q-switched lasers. You can combine the lasers in our highly flexible and exceedingly compact laser combiner.  

Thanks to HÜBNER's proprietary HTCure™ laser production technology, our lasers are distinguished by their outstanding reliability and long product life cycles. These award-winning products provide a fully tunable emission over the visible and NIR spectrum and exceptional design features.

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C-WAVE is the tunable laser light source for continuous wave (CW) single frequency emission in the visible and near-infrared wavelength range. 

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Integrate individual laser sources either on an optical table or within an instrument: Our C-FLEX family laser combiners provide a single output with colinear laser beams. 

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The HÜBNER Group company Cobolt is a proven Swedish supplier of high-performance lasers that has been active more than 15 years. 

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